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This summer we are opening up one internship for Dallas, TX and one for Austin, TX. If you would like to adventure into the wedding planning industry and learn first hand what it takes to be a top-rated coordinator please email us today.   Internship requirements are: Must be available 10-15 hours per week, […]

With days like today, when it is in the low 70s and the sun is bright and shinning…I think about all the beauty captured here in the Austin, TX, hill country. I might add… its mid-January! Yes, in the area,  I have to tell you weather here is typically quite perfect. When the weather turns […]

Once your date is set, your venue is chosen, and your dress is selected; details start to fall into place and memories begin to develop. Bridal portraits are one piece of a wedding that creates a lasting presence of a bride’s beauty. There are many key elements that go into Bridals; for example, the dress, […]

  Frequently I stream the inter-web with all the pretty wedding blogs, photos, details and feel there are so many worth mentioning here. So, make sure you link over and browse through and read more on all of the below. Green Wedding Shoes blog about this Jane Austen inspired wedding design, see it here.         […]

…0n her Wedding Day, well there is just nothing like it! Thank you for capturing (from right to left, top to bottom):   AH Photography

Wedding Preview by  Ashley Howland This gorgeous couple, Andra and Brandon, met through friends at their offices… a local airport surrounded by private planes and jets (so very Top Gun in my mind). Those two could brighten anyone’s day with those beautiful smiles! In meeting them, their families, and their friends, there was so much love […]

From the moment the “Will you Marry Me?” question is asked, there is a process that begins. The many details that will make up your special event begin to fall into place one by one. Although there are points where it may become overwhelming, always remember that your hired planner, your hired wedding professionals, and […]

When it comes to any event, the FOOD can really make or break the party. Your guests are going to expect to have food or snacks served. What you choose is of course up to you. For someone like me, who enjoys so many types of food, the whole what do I serve, can be […]

Each wedding has a leading lady. This one however does not stand in the spotlight.  She is the bride’s right-hand woman. As the bride journeys through the excitement, the planning, the tie-breaker decision making, her Maid of Honor is available to help wherever needed.  A dear friend of mine has been Maid of Honor to […]

The Rehearsal Dinner, called this because it follows the ceremony rehearsal…aka the test run through. This began as a way to join immediate families of both bride and groom to have them really sit down and get to know one another. With the creativity and flexibility of today’s bride there are new components that may […]