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April 13, 2012

When it comes to any event, the FOOD can really make or break the party. Your guests are going to expect to have food or snacks served. What you choose is of course up to you. For someone like me, who enjoys so many types of food, the whole what do I serve, can be a little overwhelming. You have many delicious foods to choose from, including their sides, and possible starters. I recommend selecting food that you like, while including options that any guest could enjoy.

Before meeting with your choice caterers there are a few things that can help you be prepared for the decisions that lie ahead. First and foremost, have an idea on your guest count. This number is inevitably going to change, but you will have a good idea and this will help you on determining the budget for the food. Determine how much cost per person you would like to consider.

 The Food and Beverage part of your budget is typically 50% of your total budget.

Think about your guest’s walking into your reception, do you see them being seated to be served…or do you see them up and free flowing? This will help determine how you will want the food served. Once you are in front of a professional caterer, they will be able to take your plans and provide suggestions to complete a menu that will work well for the event. Many caterers have set menus to make it easy on you, but do not forget that these menus presented are suggestions and if you truly want something, ask for it.

Okay, now that you have created the perfect menu for your reception, you want to speak with your caterer on the following topics to make sure you consider all costs.

-Is tax and gratuity included?

-Have you chosen appetizers to be served while formal pictures are being taken?

-Discuss bar and bartender options.

-Where will all china, glassware, and serving ware come from? Is this additional? How will these be returned, if rented?

-How many servers and bussers are recommended?

-Will there be a fee for trash removal at the end of the event?

-Are there any setup or delivery charges?

Hiring a team of Catering Professionals to take care of the service element of your event is by far money worth spending. Meet with a few, book the one that comes across with the best options and service, as this is what your guests will see too. Once booked, a tasting will be scheduled to finalize your selections, and you will want to confirm your guest count 2-3 weeks prior to your event.  So, enjoy the process and remember food isn’t only yummy it can be fun too!

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