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May 22, 2012

From the moment the “Will you Marry Me?” question is asked, there is a process that begins. The many details that will make up your special event begin to fall into place one by one. Although there are points where it may become overwhelming, always remember that your hired planner, your hired wedding professionals, and of course your family and friends (where you let them) can lend you just the help you may need to focus on the fun in deciding… instead of the stress of having too many decisions in front of you.

Whether you have the perfect venue first, your choice colors, or everything already sketched out perfectly, these are jumping points for inspiration and drawing all the details together for your event.

Let’s say you have the venue picked. Don’t be afraid to take some before pictures while you are on your tour or walk through. This will be a great question-answering tool for your hired vendors. They will be able to reference the tables, seating, surrounding area, etc.

Let’s say you have the colors chosen…having swatches with you is also a great question-answering tool. When meeting with your rental or linen professional, you’ll be able to share your likes and hear their expert input to make details of your event fit and work together as best as possible.

Keeping your details within your phone, planning notebook, or email file, can really be a quick source to organization which will result in happy planning. With the help of your vision and your hired professional wedding team, you can transform a blank space into a beautiful setting that surpasses your expectations. Let’s get started on your wedding!

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