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Weather on Wedding Day

January 15, 2014

Sara & Rocky Photography

Sara & Rocky Photography

With days like today, when it is in the low 70s and the sun is bright and shinning…I think about all the beauty captured here in the Austin, TX, hill country. I might add… its mid-January! Yes, in the area,  I have to tell you weather here is typically quite perfect. When the weather turns though,  and it’s not so perfect, what are some things to do to help your event be the best it can be?

Depending on the venue and the property,  it is easiest to consider a tent on reserve. In cold or rainy weather the minimum amount of movement from one uncovered place to another is key. Keep them warm, keep them covered. The venue will have the measurements you need to know, as well as the best areas for placement. Be sure to keep the venue in the loop on any rentals so you save yourself any issues on size, rules on assembly, and delivery and pickup.

Umbrellas are a great emergency item to have too. So,  do not disregard the one you may keep in your trunk or backseat of your vehicle. As a wedding planner, I always keep a few on hand at each event. Sunshine too direct, light rain during the exit…covered.

The weather on your wedding day is going to be perfect, no matter what. It’s simple, it is your wedding day. Come rain, sleet, snow, wind, or glorious sunshine, it is the day you marry your best friend. Truly nothing can steal that kind of sunshine!

Happy Planning!

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