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November 23, 2011

I attended a new church this Sunday by invitation. I walked up several steps to a large, heavy wooden door, slowly pushed it open and walked in. The wooden floors welcomed me with gentle creeks and the sunlight shined through the gorgeous stained glass lighting the path straight into the main hall. I sat and listened to the sermon, but could not stop thinking about how beautiful the architecture was.

A new bride, craving a chapel with a taste of the past could really find the City Church International main hall a great kept secret. Located close to downtown, this large open space has great character and light. The dark wooden pews would seat over 100 guests and the balcony would be a great spot for the photographer to grab beautiful shots of the ceremony.

This planner has a new hobby to begin visiting as many churches as possible. I bet each church has something different to offer a bride’s taste, and hearing a few different sermons can’t be anything but great for the soul either.

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