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Never Too Prepared!

November 23, 2011

On the day of the big event, even with all of the planning done, all of the timelines sent out, all of the practices, some unexpected situations could still¬†occur.¬† As a planner, its part of the job description to be ready for whatever may go wrong. Reading Preimer Bride magazine’s post about a little Bride tip, the emergency kit, makes me believe even more so that a planner is someone that should be taken advantage of (in the best way). Its my job to worry about the run in one of the bridesmaid’s panty hose, an officiant with bad breath, or heaven forbid a tear in the bride’s gown. The bride, the groom, and their family should really not have these little moments of terror on one of the best days of their lives. To them, it should be nothing but perfect. Trust, there will be a moment, and shouldn’t you have your planner there with you ready to work it out? Email me

If a planner isn’t something within your budget, and you have great friends and family working on the little things the day off, make certain that someone has just a few of the essentials: 1-matches, 2-clear nail polish, 3-scissors, 4-mints, 5-bandaids, 6-extra pair of panty hose, 7-tampons, 8-stain remover stick, 9-water proof mascara, 10-hairspray, 11-hand lotion, 12-travel sewing kit, 13-Aspirin, 14-tissues, 15-super glue
(Which most items can be found at your local drugstore travel section)

You can never really be too prepared.

Thank you and Premier Bridal Magazine for the knowledge.

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