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Wind Blown in Ft. Worth

November 23, 2011

Thank goodness for such a laid back bride Saturday. With wind gusts up to 30 mph, the beautiful sunny rooftop location of the reception, was very misleading. Once a table cloth was laid across a table the wind would push it right off. Once the centerpieces were placed atop the table cloth, in hopes it would hold against the wind, we quickly were shown the wind just couldn’t be out smarted.

I quickly recalled walking into the office recently, in a dress, when a gust of wind took me by surprise. I always seem to have my hands full, and always seem to wear a dress on just the windy days, so I set my things down, knotted a side of my dress, and continued into work. Lo and behold, knotting the tablecloths worked as well.

For any outdoor weddings and receptions, weather is always in question. It’s truly uncontrollable, so make sure there’s always an indoor backup. With a little prioritizing, things like the reserved seating and cake tablewere moved indoors. Luckily the centerpieces that were to have glass parts, looked just as elegant without. And once guests began to arrive and take their seats at the tables, they were just the thing we needed to beat the wind.

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