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Austin, Texas. Fit for a Bride!

November 23, 2011

Venue visits are a new hobby of mine. There are so many beautiful spots to exchange your vows, and Austin has some of the most beautiful waterfront views in Texas. I was able to visit three in one trip, and it was very difficult to pick my favorite. I began my journey within the Lake Travis area, already known as one of the clearest lakes in Texas, the natural landscaping surrounding the water is quit the breathtaking backdrop for any bride and groom. Vintage Villas ( sits down a curvy 2-lane road, atop a hill overlooking the lake. There was clear signage to find the location, and when you turn onto the trail leading up to the front door, you could already feel the relaxation set in, as if you were on vacation a million miles from everything. There are over 40 rooms onsite and the property is currently building more. What a great destination wedding location right in the middle of Texas. There were options for an outdoor wedding ceremony or reception and indoor spaces as well, if desired. If you’re an outdoorsy, scenery loving bride to be, this venue is one to check out. Their friendly staff is very welcoming and knowledgeable, and I left my tour with a huge smile and question of when do I get to go back?

The other two stops were just as pictuesque. The town of Lago Vista was deeper into the hill country, but very worth the trip. Several resorts align the road to Nature’s Point, so nearby lodging is not a question. Nature’s Point ( is almost like a secret spot, hidden down a windy gravel road, with a panoramic view of the entire lake. The back deck, even in the rain, was stunning. There was a garden setting out front of the venue that was lined with perfect green shrubbery, adorned with bright colorful flowers, with views of the rolling hills. Not to mention, the indoor rooms had walls of stone that were almost cave or ski lodge-like, and added a warm welcome from the outside.

Within the city limits, Laguna Gloria ( is a favorite to most all vendors and planners alike. Nestled within the artistic, historical downtown area and the shores of Lake Austin, this well managed venue provides you with magnificent visuals and isn’t at all far from the metropolis.

Such memorable places that may be just what you are looking for on your big day. I have to tell you that my pictures probably don’t even begin to show the beauty that was found, rather standing within each venue will show you what I’m trying to say. Happy Planning!

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