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Let True Love Live.

November 23, 2011

Life brings you all sorts of random occurences, and I wouldn’t have it any other way. I recently met a group of young southern gentlemen that really re-aligned my thinking of true love. As a girl who grew up on a few fairy tale movies herself, I have never fully stopped believing true love exists. Ha, even if my dating history shows otherwise. So to the point, two stories that absolutely pulled at my heart strings were one of a hometown romance and another about a bashful boy picked up by a smart girl.

The hometown romance, with we’ll call him H-factor, I believe began before college and lasted long distance for several years. Although there were bumps and possible indiscretions, they made it through and he proposed. That’s all well and good, but I always want to know how the proposal went…This is where he stood out to me. Fall came and he just knew it was time to ask the love of his life to marry him. One Halloween they were carving pumpkins, and he brought a pumpkin over to her to open the top and look inside. Here he got on one knee and asked the question. What a simple, well surprising moment for them, where she did say yes. Now I might be stretching here, but the carving of pumpkins was associated with the kick-off of the harvest season. I’m just saying…quite possibly a perfect symbol for their beginning of a new life and a new family. May God harvest their life with love!

Now the second story came from, we’ll call him Titleist, a handsome guy that was a bit shy. You could tell he was waiting to mention his girlfriend at just the right moment, and had a lot he wanted to say about her. Possibly because I was gushing over the proposal story, but either way, super cute. He introduced the story by saying it’s weird how he met his current girlfriend…through friends about 3 years before he breifly met her in passing. Well, fast forward 3 years and sitting with his friends at a restaurant, who’s their waitress? Yep, pretty girl in passing. He didn’t say much that first sighting, but leave it to a good lady to remember the name on his credit card used, and find him on facebook. She impresses me. He was flattered that she made such an effort, because, well he was too intimidated too. Although just starting to date, they seem like they have a full road of cute stories ahead of them.

Now I know this isn’t about a venue, or choice floral colors by any means, but I do know that any wedding will always start with a perfect little love story. It’s a huge reason why I will always enjoy what I do. And, possibly never quit tearing up during the ceremonies.  Let true love live.

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