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November 23, 2011

Inspiration can come from the simplest of places. I love looking through furniture catalogs, and Pottery Barn rarely disappoints. This spring they have an elaborate beach/patio/outdoor theme, with a touch of nautical, that would really fit nicely with a beach wedding. I loved the colors of navy, white, red and creme. This one store was covered in a large selection of laterns, perfectly matching drinkware, and several options of floral vases. A creative mind could run- amuck walking through it. I took a picture of the floral potpourri that would be brilliant spilled into a tall or short square glass vase in the center of alternating tables. A nice addition could be the brides choice flower buds poking through the mix. Especially, if the floral of the wedding was a vibrant color, as the potpourri is a nice neutral. Not only is the floral potpourri made up of beautifully detailed flowers that are very life-like, but they would fill a reception room with a wonderful fragrance.  Now, I’m off to do some more creative thinking, see you next week.

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