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Wishing Tree… Then What?

November 23, 2011

So, you may begin with the want to have something a little different for your guest book. The years of everyone having a danty little book with a fancy pen just may not cut it for these brides that are breaking the mold. There are several ways to make it unique to your guests, but still have the same keepsake option after the reception ends.

Some choose a photo booth that could be used as your guest’s favors, and a scrapbook or album that is made as they go with signatures is a fun keepsake that will surely continue to bring you laughs each time you open it.

There are also blessing stones, where a stone is held and blessed throughout the ceremony and cast into water where their best wishes will sit. A vase of water could hold these stones and be placed on a mantle or table with flowers so your guest’s well wishes and blessings are within your home always. Cards may be passed with the stones as the guests arrive with one side stating th purpose of the stones as well as requesting the guest to write down their blessing. And, cards could be collected at the site of the vase.

It’s becoming a common trend to even do large branchy Wishing Trees. These are great as they can be spray painted, drapped in lighting, and accented with the chosen colors of your wedding. Cards are pre-assembled and ribbon tied for ready-to-go sign and hang at the event. Typically though, hanging them and collecting them for the bride is the end of it…but, why not collect these cards, de-ribbon them and bind them together? This would allow the bride and groom to have a coffee table book or something to view once a year on their anniversary. You can imagine the sweet words from your aunt or the hilarious inside joke written by your old college roommate. These sharings are timeless.

Whatever idea you go with, make sure if you want to have a memento that brings you back to your wonderful day, any of  these ideas would all work perfectly. The key is to have it mean something to you.

All the best,
Mrs. Planner

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