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What Inspires You?

November 23, 2011

I would like to think I get inspired everyday. From the colors of the new blooms in spring to the aroma and taste of homemade BBQ. If you are planning an event where you want to put your unique stamp on it, take a few minutes to flip through a magazine, browse blogs and sites online, and close your eyes to gather all the ideas that represent you.

My family was the first thing to come to mind when creating my own  inspiration board (shown).  I began thinking of my Grandmother’s antique bell collection, and came across a similar silver antique bell image from Henry Willis Antiques. A gorgeous piece that would be an elegant touch to any wedding for the ceremony or reception.  I had another Grandmother that played in the bell choir, and I would love to see a flower girl leave the flower ball at the florist, and ring such a beautiful sound down the aisle, to introduce the bride. The Calla Lillies shown, created by SA Weddings Decor,  have a precise bell shape to them, and with that tear drop shaped bouquet, its a perfectly refined accessory drawn from the bell inspiration. Throughout the reception, desserts or floral could be displayed in bell glass domes, or cloches, to hint to the shape of the inspired item. As you can see, bells were at the forefront of thought, and pair very nicely with weddings; hence wedding bells. Where there are memories of my grandmothers, there are even better memories about my favorite grandfathers.  I’m going home tonight to look for the picture, but for now the image was borrowed from online to show a toddler in his grandpa’s work boots. I would put those things on like they fit, and just mossied around their house like I was ready to go do some work. Something with such a dear memory, could easily be a small touch to your wedding day. A single, perfect work boot could be placed on your gift table with instructions to insert any cards inside. Or, two clean boots could hold an arrangement of flowers at either end of your aisle. Whatever the inspiration, its possible to give it a purpose. Especially when its a memory of someone that isn’t able to attend your big day. They can still have a little mark on the event.

So decor was inspired a little, but the location of your event is probably where you are most inspired, yourself. I know living with my father in the country, by the lake, I grew up with natural beauty all around. The big yard that he turned into an extended porch where he could entertain and BBQ for friends, is just one of the things that makes it feel like home. The initmacy of the seating on a deck or porch can be easily translated to a few long tables where your guests could dine at your reception, close together, family style. (See image from Maybe this is another “country” thing, but sometimes it was just easier to hang your wet clothes out on a line, going from tree to tree, to dry. Martha Stewart Weddings’ online site shows a great way to incorporate those “lines” into a display for your escort cards. Country or not, it sure is beautiful.

Sometimes it’s colors, foods, past experiences, where you grew up, exciting moments, or pictures that give you inspiration. Wherever you can pull it from, I recommend it. You may find that it helps with any road blocks you may come across in your planning process for your event. Or heck, you might just learn something new about yourself, and find something new to love.

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