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Groom’s Wedding Day

April 1, 2020

In one area of the wedding venue we have the ladies gathering to get all dolled up with hair and makeup. There might be Champagne for such a celebration. As the ladies may spend a few hours together before the Ceremony. We always tell the men they can take advantage of their wedding morning with an outing like golf, or simply meeting for a hearty lunch. Men get dressed pretty quickly once they do get oniste, so we line up their arrival with the beginning of pre Ceremony photos, and the arrival of the Wedding Photographer. Once they are dressed, and hydrated, the boutonnieres are pinned.

Riverbend ChapelAs long as all of the men have socks, cufflinks, and all pieces to their suits, they are ready for the fun to begin. It makes perfect sense to us to let loose a little, and just be yourself with your closest friends. A good Photographer will give you direction, but sometimes they will even bust out a little karaoke to get you in the zone. This wedding party has your back throughout the Ceremony, and even more so on the dance floor later. If we could leave the Groom to be with any advice, it would be to spend the day with your favorite people, laugh a lot, and remind your men their sincerity at the Ceremony is rewarded at the Reception. Men, show up and have as much fun as the ladies! Wedding Day is celebrated by everyone.

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