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April 24, 2015

Hashtags and technology have indeed made their way into weddings. There is a specific App we have been introduced to, and gave it a whirl at a recent wedding: Wed Pics. It is a free downloadable App whether in the App Store on Apple devices, or Google Play on your Android. Others may even go directly to Wed Pics website to view pictures posted, or upload their own after the wedding. It is a brilliant, little idea to share immediate photos from guests, bridal party, and family members. Even if they are amateur shots, they are different view points and angles of a fantastic day that just goes too quickly! REMEMBER though NO pictures of the bride should be shared until after the ceremony. NO pictures of the Bride, or her Dress that is.

Instagram is fantastic as well, sharing a unique #hashtagourwedding where signs may be placed throughout ceremony and reception to promote the tag. You will want to double check nothing comes up on the search when testing unique hashtags so all photos tags are of your event and not someone else’s. Fingers crossed that no one comes in after your event and uses the same hashtag. That’s why you should run that quick and easy search. Wed Pics has a Wedding ID, like the hashtag, that would need to be shared with all. Introduce the App on your wedding website that guests may visit, or add to the back of your program. Introduce the app early to allow all to download in their convenience. This will help keep the download and upload lines a little less cluttered on wedding day. Have the Wedding ID listed throughout the event on fun signage, and while you are waiting in the airport to take off for your honeymoon just relive that fantastic day photo by photo.

Not only photos, but videos. Not only videos, but slideshows. I mean that App really is great for sharing, but the main reason I bring this up is this App allows you to print any of the shared photos you want in  high quality prints. I stand behind all things that are kept simple, manageable, and no added stress! How are you sharing your wedding photos?

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