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Something NEW on Wedding Day

April 13, 2015

I read this hilarious, yet very real, post on a wedding forum I follow and had to share it here!

Wedding Uh-Ohs

On Wedding Day, this one of a kind day, we sometimes want to do it up the best we possibly can. Some may treat themselves, some may lavishly spend more than they budgeted, and some may go over the top to make their event that much more meaningful.¬† Some of the “please don’t try on your wedding day” things that were listed by several event professionals were:


Deep Tissue Massage, the day before | Spray Tans that smear/streak/or are too orange | Stilettos | Wedding Week Facials or new to you facial scrubs | Day of Wedding waxing | New to you makeup or hair artist | Men who golf day of, sunglasses lines | Men using an old razor, rushed | Know which pill you grabbed | Change of hair color without a trial | Extensive teeth whitening | Pre-wedding activities that don’t have an exact end time (floating the river) | Selecting any trends that may fade | Assuming your size for suit or dress and never trying it on | Hiring musicians or band without ever hearing them live | Booking a venue without walking through it | Booking reception venue before ceremony venue is reserved | Whoops forgot to discuss “what to wear” with hired vendors | Trying a new food you end up allergic to | Last minute change of ceremony or reception locations | ¬†Bringing family together that usually are not together for good reason | Lighting wish lanterns for the first time at go-time | Assigned Seating mass changes on wedding day | Too much alcohol


Ok, you may laugh too…but these things totally happen! When there is a thought of, “let’s try this” or “let’s change this”…hmm, why not? There is always a reason why they say “keep it simple”. Stick to the things you already know you love, the things that make you shine in confident beauty, the little things that will make an ease to the day where you aren’t creating areas for stress. Let your wedding planner give you pointers or suggestions on when trying something new would be great, because giving yourself enough time for these “new” things is key. Remember unique is always welcomed, but last minute changes can lead to surprises, and often times, do have a trickle effect throughout your hired vendor team.

Now go ahead set that hair and makeup trail…take it easy on the tanning & whitening…and give us a call along the way for tips and answers to lingering questions. We love to be used as a wedding resource!

A BIG Thank You for starting this topic to Peary Photography, and the contributors at Andy Sams Photography, Robinwood Photography, and Mr. Fortenberry of the Heart of Texas Wine Tours and Heart of Texas Ranch venue.


-Your Mrs. Planners

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