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Groomzilla… Not a Bad Word!

November 23, 2011

Most little girls dream of their wedding day, whether it is as simple as a heart shaped cloud, filled with a boy’s face, or each and every detail of the event from floral, to location, to the dress. It’s safe to say that there’s been a thought. But for the groom, the normal has been that they need to focus on only these 5 things: Purchase the ring, Propose, Select gifts for groomsmen and ushers, Attend the bachelor party (hopefully any night before the rehearsal dinner), and Show up on time at the Wedding. Oh how the times have changed.

The past few weddings I have worked on, there have been an overwhelming Groom presence in on the planning. One groom was already stepping up to the plate with scouting the venue, asking all the questions, and taking pictures to show and tell the bride later. He wanted to help out as much as possible, since his bride to be just started a new job. Not that most groom’s aren’t thoughtful or extra helpful, but to plan the whole start up of the event takes courage.

Some groom’s have even been possessive to the point that they could star in their own show on cable. Each couple is unique that is no exaggeration, so seeing that some quiet type brides sit back and let the groom have final say, I guess shows that to each their own. I mean, I do have to give it to the ladies, when their groom’s are picking fabulous colors, linens, lighting, and sound, it’s icing on the cake. If they are able to bring agreeable, good tastes to the table, it couldn’t do anything but lighten the load for the bride to be. That’s a win-win.

It’s great to be apart of so many different events, with several different tastes, and see how they come together and work for each unique couple. Now the tricky part is if the bride thinks it should be her way, then I hope you have a wedding planner, as they are a great resource in helping find a compromise.

All the best,

Mrs. Planner

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