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March 8, 2017

When hiring a Wedding Vendor, whether referred to you, or someone you just found on a wedding website scrolling and researching, you have specifics you look for. Your Wedding Planner does this as a part of their day to day job as well. I learn so much by sitting in front of another professional and hearing about their style and flow, or what truly has them stand out in the industry. See, the secret is not every amazing vendor is the right match for every client. This is your day, and a personality match is priceless when it comes to the details of this event.
My Austin DJ
I recently sat down with Christian, from Mr. Austin DJ and Lance, from My DFW DJ. Both gentlemen have extensive experience in their craft, and are talented in different ways. Christian is a visionary when it comes to a full picture of the event. He wants to dive in and speak about colors, aesthetic, placement of pieces in the room, flow, and yes…even your guest list. Lance is someone you will sit down with, and connect with immediately. He is down to Earth and someone sharing stories with will come naturally. You will probably leave feeling as if you have known him forever. These two specific DJs come highly recommended by their peers, and each will create a different event for each client. This is such a one-of-a-kind day, wouldn’t you want a little custom built entertainment?
I always tell my clients to begin on vendor websites, to look over reviews and the real footage they share. From there, set a meeting with your top two favorites. In those meetings go ahead and talk through what makes you most excited about your wedding. When it comes to music and celebrating, what are your must haves and do not play selections? These wedding DJs can take it from there. Meet early and dive into the details, even if changes come later. To me music is just one of those things that speaks to every person in different ways. Lean on your Party-Starter / Crowd-Reader / Master of Ceremonies, to make this one unforgettable event!
Mr Austin DJ
What I love most about this team of vendors we build, is the inspiration each one is able to provide. They help you think outside of the box. You consider options where you may not have realized options were. And believe me, there is a science behind why we suggest certain things along the way. We have all seen our fair share of weddings, but when you narrow down specific options that speak to your vision that’s when the magic happens! Let’s make your wedding day just a little different from those that you were a guest at. That’s where the fun begins!

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