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September 14, 2016

Let us get a little creative, shall we? When we work in Austin there are opportunities to think outside of the box. There are Prohibition style establishments that don’t only bring it in the bar department, they may add ice cream with booze to the mix. Okay, Okay, that’s more of my personal likes.

Loot Vintage Furniture

When our bride and groom come to us for creative ideas on what will make their wedding different, we know some one-of-a-kind ways to have their style and personal touch shine at their event. Sometimes it is as simple as the venue itself. This back drop, for what is to come, allows the planning process to highlight details beginning with this foundational piece. We were recently introduced to the newest Austin, TX wedding venue, Peached Social House. If you have not yet tried The Peached Tortilla restaurant or catering as of yet, you are missing some delectable menu items! We recommend brunch or a daily treat during happy hour. Think of it as a perfect match up between southern favorites and incredible Asian fusion. We love that kindof spice! #getpeached

Wedding Rentals & Menu

As we walked through the new space, we loved how inspiring it was. Welcoming, modern, and industrial.  All of this open space with the perfect intimate escapes. There are definite hints to a Marfa, TX style, and we couldn’t be more excited to get creative with you!

Modern Event Space


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