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February 22, 2015

Wedding after wedding there are details that make the event shine! This has to be one of my favorite things about being a coordinator. Yes, the weddings I am a part of will have a ceremony, a cocktail hour, a reception and elements of music play lists, food and beverage service, cake, sign in, etc. But, this day, this special day where two people come together in front of their family and friends to commit to a loving future and celebrate their love, is a day about these two people. I am one of those types that could sit and people watch for hours, who could sit and listen to stories of how two people meet or when they knew they were in love. People are so interesting, where they come from, what they are passionate about, and what means the world to them. There are so many stories that could be shared about two people, and the wedding day is a fantastic stage to show it all off.

Trois Estate Wedding

I had the privilege to be a part of one wedding recently with a bride and groom that have the kindest hearts and most contagious smiles! From our first sit down together, where they began to open up and tell me their story, it was one of those moments that time didn’t matter and I fell in love with love a little more. Just to give you a little insight here, these meetings with my clients begin conversations of how close they are to family members, and maybe of their occupations and interests they have and share. Kacie & Dustin have a close group of friends that they have grown closer with over the years, so you can imagine what a fun party their reception was! Kacie’s father was also a big part of their wedding day. He provided some of his very own perfectly cut wood planks to provide a homemade touch to the reception tables. Together these two important factors made for one epic post-wedding gift! One of their bridal party began to organize signatures on one piece of wood after dinner, and we helped ensure parents and all friends knew of this secret mission. I love being a part of such thoughtful surprises (perks of the job, for sure)! Carefully hiding the planks and sending them off with the “builder” had the bride and groom questioning if their homemade pieces were thrown away in event clean up.  Well, fast forward a few months later and now there is a custom trunk made of their wooden planks, displaying all of those sentimental signatures, given to them. A beautiful moment from one sweet destination wedding that has turned into a priceless keepsake for this couple! Now, let’s chat about you, and let’s discover ways to make your wedding day mean the world to you, your family, and all your close friends!

Wedding Keepsake

Talk with you soon!

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