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Childcare at Weddings

December 11, 2013

Beautiful Bride, Kristen, and her adorable guest.

A wedding is a special celebration for all of the families involved; and while it can be an event for the entire family, it doesn’t always have to be.

Children are such a blessing, and including them in a wedding is always a special touch, but after the ceremony- would it be less stressful to set up a “sitting service” to keep the kids occupied and the guests worry-free?

At such a young age, it is normal for a child not to understand the whimsical events of a wedding, and it is now becoming more popular for a wedding party to host a babysitting serivce for children. With this option a bride can eliminate the last-minute sitter troubles for many of her guests. However, every wedding is different and each bride needs to take into consideration her guests and their comfort levels.

With some venues it is possible to have a sitter on-site for children under a certain age. This way parents could check on their children as needed and gather their families as the wedding is over, or whenever they are ready to leave. Another idea would be to have a sitter at a nearby location and schedule a time that all children have to be picked up. That way the bride can choose a location that will have plenty of activities for the kids and still be convenient for the guests.

It is always a good idea to check into all of the bride’s options because children can also be a great addition to a wedding atmosphere; and in the end, it is all about what will work best for the bride and her wedding.














Happy planning!

Credits: Caroline Joy Photography


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