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May 10, 2015

Happy Mothers DayHappy Mother’s Day to all mothers and the just-like a mother, women that play such a huge part in our life. These women are strong, loving, and similar to a modern-day superhero at times. When it comes to wedding day, one day where so many things happen in a short time period, emotions are high and special moments are happening around every corner. Mom is typically prepared for any issue at any time, and as a professional wedding planner we find keeping a few of these secrets in her bag of goodies can only contribute to her giving on her child’s wedding day. Moms keep these few items in mind:

  • Small travel Kleenex pack
  • Cell phone charger
  • Mini bottle of Hairspray
  • Stain remover pen
  • Small case of Mints
  • Granola bars or raw almonds
  • Baby powder
  • Fashion tape
  • Bobby pins
  • Tampons
  • Advil
  • Pen
  • Safety pin
  • Tube of super glue
  • Extra car key
  • List of all vendors with contact numbers

Of course, if you have hired an experienced wedding planner, they will have many of these items in their emergency kit. They will also call and confirm with all vendors, as well as have the go-to emergency contacts for everyone in case there is a late arrival or issue with a delivery. Moms are ready for anything on a daily basis, but team them up with a certified coordinator for your big day to give mom a little more breathing room to enjoy all the exciting happenings that will take place on your wedding day.

BIG Hugs to all mommas out there! You are truly the best of the best!

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