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Special Dances with a Twist

December 7, 2011

Every family is different…whether you have the traditional one mother and one father or you were raised by others near and dear to your heart, there are several ways to incorporate them into your special wedding day.

Some couples may have extended families with step mothers and step fathers and some may not have parents at all. Some past weddings I worked on had a bride very close with her stepfather, but also sharing the same respect for her birth father. This particular bride was escorted down the aisle by both fathers, sharing the special moment, instead of leaving one out. I have also had a family dynamic where groom had his father in attendance and the bride had her mother in attendance. For the special dances at their reception, groom asked his mother in law to dance and bride asked her father in law to dance. It was a special moment that evening as it showed the welcoming mix of families.

No matter who you are honoring on your special day, there are great ways to do so. What special honors have you noticed at weddings recently?

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