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Should I hire a professional planner?

December 4, 2011

    A professional photographer friend reached out to me recently to share why I think it’s important for weddings to have a hired wedding planner. It will be great to read her outside perspective, considering mine is a bit biased. I will definitely post when her’s goes live. In writing to her I came up with the following main reasons…so if you are one of those trying to decide, or know someone who should be considering, please share the blog…
Starting out, many begin with their budget. Although planning a wedding can get expensive, there are many ways to become creative, or work with referred vendors that your hired wedding planner can direct you on. Sometimes hiring a wedding planner actually can pay for itself, just by the advice and direction you are given, but not to mention the time that is saved. It’s easy for everyone to forget how much their time is worth. But, I think the main point to remember is the time that goes into the details of planning the event, the time that goes into coordinating all details of the event, and the time that slips by so quickly during the event, it is all such quality time. With a planner on your team there is more time for you to enjoy all aspects of your wedding, and less time to stress.
    There are so many great resources at today’s bride’s fingertips. There are amazing online sites, beautiful, informative magazines, and blogs and pictures that go on for days. With all of the great resources out there it may become a tad overwhelming on what will work for your unique event.  Hiring a planner allows you to continue to pick specific details that you want, to continue to create your unique vision, but having someone there to make suggestions and tie it all together making it work in a successful way. Vendor recommendations are priceless. Finding the right companies to provide the service needed, and having someone who is able to tell you “I have worked with and have seen the great work provided by these companies”, well you just can’t beat that kind of security. The who and what that will fit with your personality and style, and the list of important details to not forget, are things wedding planners work with everyday. Hiring a professional who is educated and experienced with all things weddings is someone who will stick by your side to make sure nothing is missed, and the journey is nothing but fun.
    When the day does arrive when you walk down the aisle, the job of your hired wedding planner really takes new shape. A trained planning professional begins that day before everyone, and ends it after all have finished. The timing, the vendors, the guests, the pieces of each part of the event are watched over and managed with a close eye. Your hired planner can act as greeter, concierge, taxi, cleaning staff, maintenance, emergency florist, time-keeper, seamstress, voice of reason, but most importantly is your one source that can trouble shoot an issue and work with the team you all built together, to continue with a perfect wedding where you enjoyed everything and everyone, and woke up the next day so thankful for the efforts by your hired planner, and friend.
    In summary, there are more reasons to give on why hiring a professional wedding planner is beneficial to you, then there are reasons to not hire one. There are several blogs out there covering the things that go wrong with events and what bride’s would do differently after the fact. But, there are quality wedding planners within your reach now, before. So be sure to meet with a few before you decide. You deserve a perfect wedding day, and it is our job, and our pleasure, to deliver just that.

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