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Getting to Perfect, on Your Perfect Day…

November 23, 2011

With trying to accomplish the perfect look, the perect skin, hair, face, etc on the day of your event, there are secrets that will get you a little closer to well….perfect.  In the modern world that we live in, there is a fix-it to just about anything. We can find these anywhere from our favorite daily blogs online to our monthly glamour magazine editions. So, when it comes to your moment, keep the following products in mind, as they may just be the thing you need to worry a little less.

Embrace is a company that provides the discreet and comfortable, fully detachable bra accessory that can convert any bra into a crossback style hiding straps while adding lift and support. It will contribute to your flawless look. Available online at

To go along with hiding what just doesn’t need to show, Bristol6, is a company that provides the ever-popular Nippies and the don’t leave home without it, Hem-Tape. If your dress/top for your event is one of those dramatic-sexy types and there isn’t really a bra to fit it, Nippies is a great solution. The other options don’t seem as appealing; just the thought of bandaids or tape brings the word Ouch to mind. Bristol6 caters to the Bride on her big day with white or “something” blue options in a heart shape design, or, to the fashionista on her big night out with fun prints and colors.
Moving right along, Hem-Tape can be just what the planner ordered if a groomsmen’s pants are too long or a zipper has busted. Not to mention, if one of your bridesmaid dresses is just a little too big up top, since the extra workouts she’s put in for your wedding day, the tape is a great way to tailor any outfit last minute.

And, when it comes to a big night out, we all know the importance of good shoes. Well, there are secrets here too. When it comes to outdoor ground surfaces like gravel, unexpected crevices, vents, or even the perfectly manicured golf green, you don’t want to find yourself tripping, wabbling, or sinking. The Sole Mate company has created a high heel protector that is reuseable and can actually extend the life of your shoes. These little shoe-savers can be found at
Well, what about the indoor surfaces? You know the marble, the tile, the slippery ones that you try to balance on throughout the night. Yes, you guessed it there is a product for that too. Apara is known for their boot kit, which includes the Grippy Steps. Sold seperatley, as well, the Grippy Steps are easily applied to the base of the shoe to turn any clumsy cutie into a graceful goddess.  Because, sometimes you just don’t want to wear flip flops.

So, to conclude there are of course tons of products on the market that can stop oily skin, bring out the white in your smile, and make your skin softer, which all contribute to the most important thing of any event, and that’s making you feel your very best. So, really what’s the point in keeping any of it a secret? We all deserve to have those moments of perfection. Enjoy!

Guys, I found a website that includes how tos that may contribute to your greatness as well. Feel free to check it out:

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